Aug 20, 2011

Unexpected Surprise:The Versatile Blogger Award!!


To begin with,I would like to cencirely thank Josyp ( for giving me this award!I really feel so touched and incredibly honoured,more than words can say,and I can't realise that there are actually people out there who love reading my very own blog!Thank you so much all,and I am doing my best to support you guys all!I didn't really know that there were so many people with plenty of talent and inspiration to share!!Thank you so much!

Here are the rules to follow when you accept the ''Versatile Blogger Award'' :

  • 1) Thank and link back to gave you the award!
  • 2)Share seven things about yourself.
  • 3)Award it to seven blogs you've recently discovered and enjoy.
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First,I am going to share 7 things about my self!

  • I love photography!Well I am sure you have already realised that but I will keep saying it no matter what!!
  • My dream is to study either English Philology or Psychology,despite the fact that I'm already studying Archeology!
  • I am in love with my best friend - soulmate Evi and we spent almost all of our time together or talking on the phone!
  • I love travels,most because every time I go abroad I get the feeling that I belong somewhere else.
  • I adore Berlin.It's my favourite destination by far,and my dream is to live there.
  • I am obsessed with my mother (in the best possible way) and I really look up to her.
  • I am so afraid of locusts!I could die if one of them would stand 1 km away from me!I just don't wanna know they even exist!!(Don't want them to disappear of course 'cause I love all kind of animals so much!)
I know that now I have to list 7 of my favourite blogs I have recently discovered.Well,I am a quite new member of the blogger community so I am just gonna be referred to my top-top ones because basically I have discovered them all relatively recently.However,I really love ALL the blogs I have followed.There's no way that I would follow someone just to return the favour of them following me as well.So sorry for any exceptions,I really didn't mean to leave anyone out!I love you all!

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Vanesa: LipstickCandy

George: George Fashion Dreamworld

DeLiz: LiDi in Wonderland

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Discover my favourite blogs by clicking on them and enjoy!!
You are amazing guys thank you so much for the support!!

Peace & Love
Demie xxx

Aug 12, 2011

See your own Sun Shining (Part 1)

Sun has always been one of the most exciting subjects for me,not only to photograph but also to admire.Everything about the sun seems extraordinary to me.It's glow,its unconceivable size,its warmth,its distance from the earth...but most of all,every time I look at it I get to be enticed by the colourful combinations it vibrates.

I love Sun.I love it because I think that I couldn't live without it.You know how it feels when you wake up in the morning,open the shutters and see the first rays slipping into your room.I believe this is magic...I mean just some rays of sunlight brighten our whole day and our mood.Every weather condition is exciting,but there is definitely something special about sun...something magical!

Every time I look at the sun I can't help but think that people are so unaware of the fact that they are so lucky that it exists for various reasons.To begin with,the sun is earth's primary source of energy,so this means nothing could really survive without it.Moreover sun is up there only to remind to some people that in spite of their ambitious insicts,there is still something they will never be able to touch...(well to be exact not even able to come close to)!This is really so unique.Sometimes our human nature drags us into such
quarrelsome selfish aspirations like control the universe or conquer all the if we've already taken enough care of the earth!However sun is there,playing with our visionary thoughts,encouraging our hopeless dreams and most predominantly showing us that it really worths the effort of letting someting be unreachable.

Sun has the ability to surprise me every time I see it.It hides behind the clouds and the mountains,creating the most imaginary pictures upon the sky.The colours of its reflection will always be the biggest aspiration
of every artist on earth.No one can paint the way nature does.Noone can conceive the secret ingredient nature uses for its intoxicating recipies.People,stop chasing the sun..just lie underneath it and enjoy its beneficial properties which so generously offers to you...

(Oh,of course don't forget your sun lotions)!!

My advice for today would be that we should all get more into appreciating ordinary things which we used to consider as given 'till now,such as the sun,the wind,the rain,the grass,the sea,the rocks,the branches or the dust.Nothing is given,everything changes or dissapears unless we take a good care of them.Don't neglect sun.try to look direct at it once,and you'll be amazed by the possitive vibes which will start bouncing in you.

Peace & Love & Sunny greetings,
Demie xxx

Aug 6, 2011

Magic colours of a sunny Sunday

Over the years Sundays have been everybody's favourite day of the week for a variety of reasons.To begin with,Sundays consist a holly day for the majority of the existed religions worldwide.Thus,it's naturally expected that Sundays are considered as a day of rest and recreation.

So,on Sunday I decided to take a closer look on whether people actually enjoy the aura of this particular day,or if it's just me who finds it exciting and incredibly refreshing.
My instict confirmed my clandestine hunch,as I,myself,was feeling lazy as well. People seemed unusually happy and joyful as they were sitting with their beloved ones across the seaside.Many of them were riding their bicycles,while others were spending precious time with their children.Some middle-aged people were just walking on the sidewalk,observing people passing by...!

It was then that I realised it was an inevitable consequence for my camera to capture those precious moments of recreation.I felt delighted looking at people's was obvious that the sun had a very relaxing effect on them.One thing's for sure:when the sun shines,it vibrates optimistic emotions which bounce in our hearts and fill it up with endless happiness.I really hope that somehow I managed to depict the
feelings of euphoria I felt this Sunday in the following photos,so that you will see your selves what excactly I am talking about...

My advise for today would be that it really worths the effort of dedicating some of your precious relaxing Sunday time on going outside for a walk,inhale the refreshing Sunday air and let your minds fill up with possitive vibes which will help you get through the exhausting rest of the week.

Have a great weekend and try to spend your precious time as better as you can.

Peace & love
Demie xxx

Aug 4, 2011

The glory of yesterday sitting on an ancient hill

I never thought that museums or great ancient monuments are only for literate people.I am stronly in favor of visiting historical places,not because it is mandatory to do so,but because the whole atmosphere has the power to take us in some place new...somewhere deep inside our thoughts where the past becomes present and the soulless rocks come alive creating the most fantastic imaginary tale...

Down in the past...when we were children,we all used to climb upon the ancient stones in case someone made us visit archeological sights.We were so bored of paying attention at the different milestones,wondering what's the point of learning about them since they belong to the past?!Well...they don't!They are part of today,and it is quite possible that we wouldn't live the way we do today without them.

It's a fact that people who even concider visiting such places are at least curious about what's so extraordinary about them.It's also true that when they finally arrive there,they rarely get to see something more impressive than rocks,stones and some decapitated statues.What most people don't realise is that man
y years ago,people were actually writing our precious history on where they are now standing.In my humble opinion we are morally obliged to take few minutes to appreciate and comprehend the value of those magnificent pieces of art,even if we are not that interested in culture.

However,I understand that some people may concider ancient monuments or history as a red herring,and not worthy to attract their attention whatsoever.I would suggest that we should all have second thoughts on that.

Every time I visit Acropolis and get to see once again the magnificence of my ancestral homeland,I can't help but shiver.Every single time I go there,I find it more and more exciting.One thing's for sure...our ancestors surely knew what civilization is and they managed to proove it despite the lack of means which w
as a deterent in their efforts.

The long way to Acropolis,is initiated by some olive trees,which have been a charactreristic symbol of the greek civilization and wisdom through the years.

After having passed the Acropolis museum,the spectacular monument starts showing up...
After so many centuries,it still remains a formidable miracle which reminds us the glory of the past...

The panoramic view of Athens, makes me recall the wisdom of my ancestors.They had really put a lot of thought on where the most magnificent temple deseved to be built.

Now the Parthenon still stands on the ancient hill, neglected by the rest of the masterpieces which used to be there next to it,once.

Karyatides, are six female statues which were replacing columns.They were created by Alkamemes or Kallimachos,and were later named Karyatides after the young women from Karyes of Lakonia who danced in honour of the goddess Artemis.Five of them are in the Acropolis Museum and another in the British Museum..I believe that they really miss their home...

They have seen the world changing,they have seen million people passing by...I really wonder what they would say if they were alive...!I guess they are sad now...and not proud of us at all.We should have been able to take a good care of them.I guess we are too human for their devine beauty.

Someone told me,that if I really wanted to appreciate everything in life,I should not underestimate a thing.Everyhting hides a small history in them,even the smallest rock maybe was unperceivably significant once.

Thus,the last picture is dedicated to those who believe in the power of insignificant things and never pass them by.....

Peace & Love
Demie xxx

Aug 2, 2011

Sightseeing...or maybe cityseeing?

The city where I live in Greece is an idylic place to stay for various reasons.Although,the most important one for me is the fact that it combines the beauty of a mountain with the vastness of the sea.The result of this magical combination is an absolutely stunning view.
As I observe the city lights while the colours of the sunset are drawing the sky,I am contemplating about the power of distance.When we're in a big city,sometimes we feel as if the crowd or the traffic consumes us.Everything seems so huge for a tiny little human like ourselves.
However,when you get to climp up to a mountain...the whole city now fits into your hands.It's like everything that has been frightened you,is now nothing but a wonderful view standing right in front of eyes.
When I see this magnificent landscape,I come face to face with one major question:what is really significant in this life and whether I have distributed my energy and interest onto the things that really matter or not.There are so many great things out there,such as a wonderful view,or the sea,or the trees,which we conceive as something given and we continually keep taking them for granted.In this way we ruin our lives,because every day less and less things are able to keep us satisfied...!All I'm saying is that we shouldn't just pass ''simple'' things by,because if we just take a moment to look closer at them,we'll see something that will surprise us or something extraordinary that we had never seen before due to our rush!It's never too late to catch up with the things you used to miss up to now :)

The really exciting thing about black and white photos is that somehow they have the power to take us back in time.What can I say?Magic!

Do you see something up in the sky as I do?I think there's a huge eagle or maybe a pigeon flying over the city.Oh,yes,I am absolutely possitive about that...

When the sun is finally lost behind the mystique clouds,I can't help but wonder how many people actually live in this city and how many of them need help right now?We admire the magnificence of something so impressive such as the view of a city full of lights and colours,but what we really don't see is how many people might suffer,or put up with poverty and many people feel left out or concidered as the surplus population of this world.On the other hand,as I realise that these thoughts are way too depressing,I think of how many children might be borned right now,or how many people are getting married at the same time...well that's better.Of course this doesn't mean that we should pass by people who need our help or pretend like noone suffers on this planet.I believe that it's our moral obligation to be conscious about what's happening around us,and help as much as we can whoever might needs us because in this way we will be able to to feel trully peaceful.

Peace & Love
Demie xxx

Jul 27, 2011

I see my love come shining through

Sometimes,as I observe people,I realise that each of them has an inner sparkle carefully preserved in their hearts.Everyone thinks they are different from the rest of the crowd... everyone thinks that the world has a meaning only because they excist on this planet...and so it is!It is so amazing trying to photograph people's aura... especialy when this aura is so familiar to me!I can't help but feel so proud when I get to photograph my beloved best friend who is always there for me ready to expose herself infront of my Canon,without having second thoughts.Well... I find it really exciting observing the expressions people take infront of a camera.They maybe are tight,spontaneous or shy...whatever their reaction would be,one thing's for sure...everyone hides a beautiful model in them.Besides...what's more extraordinary than humans?

Well I know for a fact that there are many people out there who are ashamed of showing theirselves.The fact that society promotes only specific standarts of beauty is more than unfair for most people.I am totally okay with anyone who's being occupied with styling,fashion, or beauty (as a matter of fact we all do),but I think that no one deserves to be left out or considered as an ungly person when all they are is just different from these specific standarts...Besides,we are all different...and that's the greatest thing in the whole world.My advise would be,that eveyone should start loving theirselves and that they should believe in their uniqueness because that would make them blissful.

Peace & Love
Demie xxx

Jul 24, 2011

Golden dust upon the city

In Greece it's quite often that few times per year big clouds of golden dust come from Africa and blur the entire sky with their shimmer.The scenery is extremely inspiring,because the colours of the sky mix into unbelievable chromatic combinations.The golden dust obfuscates the horizon,and turn the colours of the sea into luring shades of glod and silver irides as it's being reflected into it.

During a walk nearby the sea,various subjects can attract my attention... a lonely bench,neglected by people may not seem interesting in the first place... but someone maybe felt lonely sitting on it and so they wrote those lyrics...pointless and yet intriguing!

Reflections of the gorgeous sunshines wash this tree as few rays find their way through its branches.Unique!

Just a loner... sometimes it's too depressing when I see elders, sitting all by themselves,without having anyone to share their conservative thoughts with.

The sun spreads its colours on earth filtered through the dense fog.

It's so impressive that Nature is able to create the most peculiar colours whilst at the same time very few people take few seconds to admire its magnificent drawings...

This bench may stand lonely among the vast sea, but somehow I envy it....