Jul 27, 2011

I see my love come shining through

Sometimes,as I observe people,I realise that each of them has an inner sparkle carefully preserved in their hearts.Everyone thinks they are different from the rest of the crowd... everyone thinks that the world has a meaning only because they excist on this planet...and so it is!It is so amazing trying to photograph people's aura... especialy when this aura is so familiar to me!I can't help but feel so proud when I get to photograph my beloved best friend who is always there for me ready to expose herself infront of my Canon,without having second thoughts.Well... I find it really exciting observing the expressions people take infront of a camera.They maybe are tight,spontaneous or shy...whatever their reaction would be,one thing's for sure...everyone hides a beautiful model in them.Besides...what's more extraordinary than humans?

Well I know for a fact that there are many people out there who are ashamed of showing theirselves.The fact that society promotes only specific standarts of beauty is more than unfair for most people.I am totally okay with anyone who's being occupied with styling,fashion, or beauty (as a matter of fact we all do),but I think that no one deserves to be left out or considered as an ungly person when all they are is just different from these specific standarts...Besides,we are all different...and that's the greatest thing in the whole world.My advise would be,that eveyone should start loving theirselves and that they should believe in their uniqueness because that would make them blissful.

Peace & Love
Demie xxx


  1. I'm in love not only with the way you photograph, but also with the way you express your inner thoughts... You hide a little poet in there <3
    I couldn't agree more with your opinion/advise that every single person has his/her very own aura and beauty!! It's great that you promote with your blog and posts that girls and boys shouldn't follow specific standarts to be beautiful and feel pretty... As I fashion lover I support that idea because we shouldn't have a specific number of pounds/kilos to be fashionable, stylish and pretty! Well done for your post... It's inspiring and helpful for many people...!!

    This photo shoot is one of my favorites and has a lot of memories because it's our first ... I have to say that I feel free and I can expose myself to your camera because the photographer (YOU!) make me feel like that (calm, free, inspired) because you don't have rules and you always let me express my feelings and thoughts in every shoot! Thank you for that.... The best photographer ever..my photographer....

    Love, Evi

  2. Well,it seems that you get the point of life.However,as I see it all people should get the meaning of being different..!As for your model well her professionalism completes the photoshoot wonderfully.

  3. Hello Demie! Thanks for following and commenting on my Sacramento street style blog. Nice to meet you! Are you from Sac?

    My name is Bella and I am now following you too.
    I'd like to kindly suggest you work on your template a bit, as I am having trouble reading your text due to the busy background. The pictures are a great idea, but the easier you make your blog to read and navigate (and follow) the more readers you'll get. Lots of luck! -Bella Q

    the Citizen Rosebud

  4. Hello Bella :)
    Well to be honest I recently initiated the blog so I am not that exprerienced!Thanks for the tips though ;)
    I am from Greece not from Sac but it seems like you have a really great town there.Nice to meet you too.Thank you for commenting and for following of course. :)