Jul 24, 2011

Golden dust upon the city

In Greece it's quite often that few times per year big clouds of golden dust come from Africa and blur the entire sky with their shimmer.The scenery is extremely inspiring,because the colours of the sky mix into unbelievable chromatic combinations.The golden dust obfuscates the horizon,and turn the colours of the sea into luring shades of glod and silver irides as it's being reflected into it.

During a walk nearby the sea,various subjects can attract my attention... a lonely bench,neglected by people may not seem interesting in the first place... but someone maybe felt lonely sitting on it and so they wrote those lyrics...pointless and yet intriguing!

Reflections of the gorgeous sunshines wash this tree as few rays find their way through its branches.Unique!

Just a loner... sometimes it's too depressing when I see elders, sitting all by themselves,without having anyone to share their conservative thoughts with.

The sun spreads its colours on earth filtered through the dense fog.

It's so impressive that Nature is able to create the most peculiar colours whilst at the same time very few people take few seconds to admire its magnificent drawings...

This bench may stand lonely among the vast sea, but somehow I envy it....


  1. Yeah you're right. All these photos show to us how colourful they are but colour can't fill our empty hearts.

  2. some really evocative images here...


  3. I'm really amazed by the way you capture in your photographs these colors that nature show us but we forget to notice!! Thank you for that ;)

  4. Oh great photos. I went to Greece once and would love a trip back.