Jul 27, 2011

I see my love come shining through

Sometimes,as I observe people,I realise that each of them has an inner sparkle carefully preserved in their hearts.Everyone thinks they are different from the rest of the crowd... everyone thinks that the world has a meaning only because they excist on this planet...and so it is!It is so amazing trying to photograph people's aura... especialy when this aura is so familiar to me!I can't help but feel so proud when I get to photograph my beloved best friend who is always there for me ready to expose herself infront of my Canon,without having second thoughts.Well... I find it really exciting observing the expressions people take infront of a camera.They maybe are tight,spontaneous or shy...whatever their reaction would be,one thing's for sure...everyone hides a beautiful model in them.Besides...what's more extraordinary than humans?

Well I know for a fact that there are many people out there who are ashamed of showing theirselves.The fact that society promotes only specific standarts of beauty is more than unfair for most people.I am totally okay with anyone who's being occupied with styling,fashion, or beauty (as a matter of fact we all do),but I think that no one deserves to be left out or considered as an ungly person when all they are is just different from these specific standarts...Besides,we are all different...and that's the greatest thing in the whole world.My advise would be,that eveyone should start loving theirselves and that they should believe in their uniqueness because that would make them blissful.

Peace & Love
Demie xxx

Jul 24, 2011

Golden dust upon the city

In Greece it's quite often that few times per year big clouds of golden dust come from Africa and blur the entire sky with their shimmer.The scenery is extremely inspiring,because the colours of the sky mix into unbelievable chromatic combinations.The golden dust obfuscates the horizon,and turn the colours of the sea into luring shades of glod and silver irides as it's being reflected into it.

During a walk nearby the sea,various subjects can attract my attention... a lonely bench,neglected by people may not seem interesting in the first place... but someone maybe felt lonely sitting on it and so they wrote those lyrics...pointless and yet intriguing!

Reflections of the gorgeous sunshines wash this tree as few rays find their way through its branches.Unique!

Just a loner... sometimes it's too depressing when I see elders, sitting all by themselves,without having anyone to share their conservative thoughts with.

The sun spreads its colours on earth filtered through the dense fog.

It's so impressive that Nature is able to create the most peculiar colours whilst at the same time very few people take few seconds to admire its magnificent drawings...

This bench may stand lonely among the vast sea, but somehow I envy it....

Jul 20, 2011

A mere introduction

My name is Dimitra,although Demie suits me better.I am 20,a student and I have plenty of inspiration to share.I first started being occupied with photography back in 2009,but to be honest,I hadn't really realised my inner passion for it!Nevertheless,I am a great supporter of the wise phrase ''it's never too late''. I strongly believe that Photography is such a magical ''techique'' which has the power to capture the way reality is reflected for each of us and bring out an outstanding aspect of it. There have been times in the past when I felt blue,or dissapointed and depressed and yet not entirely, because I knew I could depict my thoughts and capture my feelings in some pixels.And so I decided that it was time for me to start capturing my reality.Life has shown that sometimes words are just not enough.On the contrary,a picture has the magical ability to talk into our souls and to trigger our imagination.The most intriguing thing for me about photography is that every photographer has his own perspective like a cooker,or a writer...even if there is one subject eg:'love', 2 writers won't write 2 identical novels,or if there is an egg not both of the cookers will make omelettes,and even if they do..they will taste different.Same thing happens with photographs...they can be nothing but unique.

As regards to my companions,well... these would be either a Canon PowerShot SX200 IS, or a Canon EOS 500D.I really love both of my cameras and I don't make discriminations between them,or prefer the SLR over the smaller one.Besides...that would be pure racism :)..

I can be pretty talkative,so last but not least I would like to mention that I am a huge fan of travelling (especially abroad),because that enriches my inspiration,and fills me with new experiences wich is priceless.Travelling is the best way for me to widden my horizons,and to make me see beyond nations,languages,lifestyles and complexions. I hope I haven't already overdone it with all the talking.I will let my pictures speak for themselves.Thank you for visiting my blog and for taking some minutes to read my thoughts.

Peace & Love Demie xxx