Aug 12, 2011

See your own Sun Shining (Part 1)

Sun has always been one of the most exciting subjects for me,not only to photograph but also to admire.Everything about the sun seems extraordinary to me.It's glow,its unconceivable size,its warmth,its distance from the earth...but most of all,every time I look at it I get to be enticed by the colourful combinations it vibrates.

I love Sun.I love it because I think that I couldn't live without it.You know how it feels when you wake up in the morning,open the shutters and see the first rays slipping into your room.I believe this is magic...I mean just some rays of sunlight brighten our whole day and our mood.Every weather condition is exciting,but there is definitely something special about sun...something magical!

Every time I look at the sun I can't help but think that people are so unaware of the fact that they are so lucky that it exists for various reasons.To begin with,the sun is earth's primary source of energy,so this means nothing could really survive without it.Moreover sun is up there only to remind to some people that in spite of their ambitious insicts,there is still something they will never be able to touch...(well to be exact not even able to come close to)!This is really so unique.Sometimes our human nature drags us into such
quarrelsome selfish aspirations like control the universe or conquer all the if we've already taken enough care of the earth!However sun is there,playing with our visionary thoughts,encouraging our hopeless dreams and most predominantly showing us that it really worths the effort of letting someting be unreachable.

Sun has the ability to surprise me every time I see it.It hides behind the clouds and the mountains,creating the most imaginary pictures upon the sky.The colours of its reflection will always be the biggest aspiration
of every artist on earth.No one can paint the way nature does.Noone can conceive the secret ingredient nature uses for its intoxicating recipies.People,stop chasing the sun..just lie underneath it and enjoy its beneficial properties which so generously offers to you...

(Oh,of course don't forget your sun lotions)!!

My advice for today would be that we should all get more into appreciating ordinary things which we used to consider as given 'till now,such as the sun,the wind,the rain,the grass,the sea,the rocks,the branches or the dust.Nothing is given,everything changes or dissapears unless we take a good care of them.Don't neglect sun.try to look direct at it once,and you'll be amazed by the possitive vibes which will start bouncing in you.

Peace & Love & Sunny greetings,
Demie xxx


  1. BREATHTAKING photos.... I can staaaaaaaaare at them for ever...Love your theme "SUN" in your photos... We want soon the Part 2!!!!!!!!! More sun pleaseeeeeeeeeeee <3

    Love you :)

  2. Love these pics! I totally agree with you - the Sun gives me such a positive attitude!That's why I'm eagerly waiting for Spring...and Summer!!


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  17. the sun is like the 8th miracle.
    it makes everybody smile :)

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