Aug 4, 2011

The glory of yesterday sitting on an ancient hill

I never thought that museums or great ancient monuments are only for literate people.I am stronly in favor of visiting historical places,not because it is mandatory to do so,but because the whole atmosphere has the power to take us in some place new...somewhere deep inside our thoughts where the past becomes present and the soulless rocks come alive creating the most fantastic imaginary tale...

Down in the past...when we were children,we all used to climb upon the ancient stones in case someone made us visit archeological sights.We were so bored of paying attention at the different milestones,wondering what's the point of learning about them since they belong to the past?!Well...they don't!They are part of today,and it is quite possible that we wouldn't live the way we do today without them.

It's a fact that people who even concider visiting such places are at least curious about what's so extraordinary about them.It's also true that when they finally arrive there,they rarely get to see something more impressive than rocks,stones and some decapitated statues.What most people don't realise is that man
y years ago,people were actually writing our precious history on where they are now standing.In my humble opinion we are morally obliged to take few minutes to appreciate and comprehend the value of those magnificent pieces of art,even if we are not that interested in culture.

However,I understand that some people may concider ancient monuments or history as a red herring,and not worthy to attract their attention whatsoever.I would suggest that we should all have second thoughts on that.

Every time I visit Acropolis and get to see once again the magnificence of my ancestral homeland,I can't help but shiver.Every single time I go there,I find it more and more exciting.One thing's for sure...our ancestors surely knew what civilization is and they managed to proove it despite the lack of means which w
as a deterent in their efforts.

The long way to Acropolis,is initiated by some olive trees,which have been a charactreristic symbol of the greek civilization and wisdom through the years.

After having passed the Acropolis museum,the spectacular monument starts showing up...
After so many centuries,it still remains a formidable miracle which reminds us the glory of the past...

The panoramic view of Athens, makes me recall the wisdom of my ancestors.They had really put a lot of thought on where the most magnificent temple deseved to be built.

Now the Parthenon still stands on the ancient hill, neglected by the rest of the masterpieces which used to be there next to it,once.

Karyatides, are six female statues which were replacing columns.They were created by Alkamemes or Kallimachos,and were later named Karyatides after the young women from Karyes of Lakonia who danced in honour of the goddess Artemis.Five of them are in the Acropolis Museum and another in the British Museum..I believe that they really miss their home...

They have seen the world changing,they have seen million people passing by...I really wonder what they would say if they were alive...!I guess they are sad now...and not proud of us at all.We should have been able to take a good care of them.I guess we are too human for their devine beauty.

Someone told me,that if I really wanted to appreciate everything in life,I should not underestimate a thing.Everyhting hides a small history in them,even the smallest rock maybe was unperceivably significant once.

Thus,the last picture is dedicated to those who believe in the power of insignificant things and never pass them by.....

Peace & Love
Demie xxx


  1. And that's why your blog is soooo great...Not only do we have the opportunity to admire your artistic and inspired photos, but also we enjoy your poetic touch in your articles...GREAT GREAT WORK!! And thank you for your messages to all of us in your articles about Greek history and monuments and their importance today... this is a great lesson... Well done... Keep it up like that...Love these photos <3

  2. To begin with,congratulations once again for your great post.It's so pleasant that aspects like yours are still being supported and expressed.Personally speaking,every time I stand right in front of these magnificent marbles,the following emotions are bounding inside of me:love,proudness,sorrow and anger.Those are the words that can barely describe this particular situation.It's so sad to know that my ancestors have lost their lives over these marbles and yet my generation disdains them.Moreover I feel more than disillusioned when I see that despite the fact people admired this great monument for ages,they don't actually see the tears of Caryatides who are looking forward to their reunion so that they could finally feel completed.